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"That perfection is unobtainable is not an excuse not to strive for it."
— Paladine, 'Dungeons And Dragons'

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I'm a Bard ?!?!?!

For many, many years I have been recounting humorous SCA event stories, and telling shaggy dog stories and silly jokes among friends.Several years ago, I started sharing my jokes, as well as limericks I'd written, as performances or entries in Yule bardic competitions. But it was just small, silly stuff, so I wasn't a Bard.

Because of Kungund Benehonig, I shared my stories at Dreiburgen's online bardics during the plague ... and people enjoyed them! And everyone was very supportive and helpful. Then I became Lyon Bard at an online event by telling a story and reading a limerick I wrote!!!! I guess I'm a Bard!?!?!?

But how would my stories fly at in person events? Thanks to the comfortable, welcoming atmosphere at St. Corrigan's potluck bardic (6/18/22), I gathered my courage and told a story ... and they enjoyed it.

Later that night, I gathered more courage than I knew I possessed and I SANG a very short filk that I'd just created. I LOVE to sing, and I don't feel I do it well so I have NEVER sung in public before. But Arwen McBaird has been encouraging me to try, and so I tried, and I did ok .... and I am just so amazed.

Thank you to the wonderful bards and populace of Caid who have allowed, and helped, me to grow into an actual, honest to gosh Bard!

Herein are the stories, filks, and limericks I have written. I hope you enjoy them!

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