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History ofDorset Buttons  |  How to Make Dorset and Yorkshire Buttons
Sonya's Fun and Easy Buttons & Tassels

"Yorkshire Buttons are basically an extension of an embroidery stitch called a ribbed wheel. (Also known as ribbed spider’s web, back stitched spider’s web, woven wheel or woven spot). Somewhere in Yorkshire, someone had the bright idea of taking this stitch and weaving it free of any backing material. Instead the stitch is woven onto a circular template, thus they were able to take the finished circle off the template and gather and stuff it to form a little sphere and hey presto a new button was invented." -=- from How to make a Yorkshire Button from Potter Wright & Webb, A Traditional Crafts Journey around the British Isles

History of Dorset Buttons

How To Make Dorset and Yorkshire Buttons

Sonya's Button Webpage

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