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A guide for packing, camping and war kitchens, by Yehudah of Nuremberg

Updated May 2007

PDF (Original document)

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Greetings to you all!

After many years of camping, I developed a memorized routine of packing everything I need for an event or war. However, after this same number of years, I have also come to the realization that I will still forget something ranging from semi-important to very important.

Like armor, or the center pole. Once I hooked up the lights of my carefully loaded trailer but forgot to put it on the hitch. The trailer did not move an inch, but for the most part, these oversights can be reduced by creating a packing list.

Check off each item as it is gathered in a 'staging area' for packing. Then you know you are finished packing the car, truck, AND trailer when this staging area is empty.

Unfortunately, there is one flaw in this method. The packing is done by we society folk. Society members seem to pack for events as if careful planning and organization seem to be out of society period and therefore not needed in general practice in these Current Middle Ages.

In spite of this and other traditions, I've cobbled together years of hard-won, and lost, experiences of my own and a number of others for the benefit of anyone who cares to read them.

There are lists and strategies of use to all, from the greenest novice to the most senior camp steward. You will note that some items are deliberately noted on more than one list: these redundancies are a safeguard so that what might be inadvertently be left off in one place, will be accounted for in another.


The simplest of events to prepare for is a one day event and feast. Simply said but making sure you take all the items you want is not as easy. It is good to have a basket always stocked, ready to grab-and go. Use a large wicker basket with a good lid. Line the inside to keep out dirt and insects. When fully loaded, the basket will weigh about the same as a medium sized javelina or wild boar so be sure the handles or straps are pretty heavy duty and well attached to the frame. When selecting your dinnerware keep in mind the feast environment and clean-up facilities when selecting your choice of materials. Metal doesn’t insulate at all but doesn’t break. Wood is a fair insulator and far more durable than ceramics, glass or china. Some plastic ware (often melamine ware) has a society appearance and avoids embarrassment when sitting across from Their Graces and their exquisite place settings.

You might consider keeping two feast baskets: one larger one stocked with all your regular sturdy gear, and a smaller one with nice, perhaps more fragile, plates, glasses and napkins for civilized indoor feasts. So! What to keep in a feast basket? Some items are obvious, some not. You may think of more.

Of course, you will want a complete place setting for each member of your household. You also may want to keep a couple of extra settings for guests or other unexpected uses.


___ Plates/platters___ Dinner knives ___ Extra napkins (stored in a Zip-loc)
___ Bowls___ Soup spoons___ Tablespoons for serving
___ Cups/mugs/tankards___ Forks___Tablecloth(s)

Other items:

___ Salt & Pepper___ Sugar (water tight) ___ Instant Coffee___ Tea bags(herbal, etc.)
___ Candle holders___ Candles___ Lighter/matches ___ Good Can opener
___ Bottle opener___ Good Cork screw___ Steak knives ___ Tongs (for serving)
___ Paper towels___ Cloth dish towel ___ Handy/baby wipes (great for clean-up)
___ Small flashlight___ Pain Reliever
___'Mundanity' covers___ Handi-wipes/Baby wipes

___ Antacid and pink bismuth tablets (for after those ‘special’ feasts)
___ Alcohol based 'waterless' cleaner. (Kills bacteria on contact. Bacterial soaps need much more time for effect.)
___ Kitchen garbage bags. (For trash, dirty dishes. Great liner in a basket for a make-shift wash tub or water bucket.)
___ Sealable storage bags. (Several quart and gallon sized for left-overs, etc.)


Put your society name on the bottom of your drinking vessels. These items get lost more than any other. Another tip is to fill 2-liter bottles to about an inch shy of full, squeeze the air out a bit, freeze and put the frozen bottle in your cooler to keep your items cool and dry.


This is for FIRST and minor aid. Always seek the advice of a Chirurgeon on any injury.

___ Finger Bandages (assorted)___ Large bandage pads
___ Calamine Lotion___ Aloe Vera gel or lotion for minor burns.
___ Antiseptic wipes___ Pain Reliever (Aspirin and Acetaminophen)
___ Eye Wash and cup___ Scissors
___ Tweezers___ Cotton swabs
___ Ace bandages___ Gauze wrap
___ Bandage tape___ Sterile gauze pad packs
___ Small knife


Now you are ready to really camp and set up your very own kitchen. As with the feast basket, you may find it helpful to keep a stocked camp kitchen ready to go. A useful container is a large plastic tub. Most of the gear can be acquired inexpensively from second-hand or surplus stores or your local discount outlet.

(The following items fit into a 24"x18"x18" plastic tub with a high lid. 'Tetris' experience is a plus.)

___ Griddle / Lg Fry Pan (10")___ Deep pan (5qt)
___ Handled pot (3qt)___ Teapot
___ Coffee pot___ Large metal spoons (slotted & regular)
___ Wok-style ladles with & w/o holes___ Wood mixing spoons
___ Long metal tongs___ Whisk
___ BBQ fork___ BBQ Spatula
___ BBQ skewers___ Regular spatula
___ Pot holders (2-3)___ Dish towels / Rags
___ Chef's knife (I have a Ginsui type)___ Long blade knife
___ Paring knives (2)
___ Large plastic mixing bowl, 5qt min. ___ Cutting board (plastic preferred over wood)
___ Large strainer or colander ___ Fabric or material covers to hide water jugs & coolers
___ Large plastic funnel ___ Lighter & wood matches w/ striker in waterproof container
___ Plastic measuring cup (16oz)___ Large plastic pitcher
___ Plastic wrap roll___ Long kitchen aprons (keeps the garb clean)
___ Tin foil roll___ Large trash bags (roll)
___ Large ZipLocks (1 & 2 gal.)___ Dish washing liquid
___ Scrubber brush___ Steel wool pads
___ Paper towels___ Can opener (in Feast Basket)
___ Bottle opener (in Feast Basket) ___ Two stackable 10x14 plastic storage boxes as wash tubs
___ Small bottle bleach (surface - sanitation standard is 1 part bleach per 24 parts of water)
___ Cafeteria style tray (12x18 size is great for general food prep on unsanitary work surfaces.)

Suggested items that do not fit in the kitchen tub

___ Large 2' diameter wash & rinse tubs. (Optional)
___ 7-10 quart stew pot and lid
___ Collapsible soft-sided trash barrel (found in home store garden sections!)
___ 6-8 clothes pins to hold trash bag in place.


Pack a 3lb coffee can. The gallon sized sealable bags fills the can and folds-back nicely over the top. This holds the bag wide open for filling. Make sure there are no burrs on the lip of the can. Try to keep all your food stuff in sealable water-resistant tubs. This can be a life saver after a major storm.


(Make sure you have ALL the poles!)
___ Sleeping Tent w/ poles___ Supply Tent & poles
___ Kitchen pavilion w/ poles___ Guy ropes
___ Stakes (10" nails best. Forget plastic)___ Tent rugs

Camping Gear Tip

Wrap large washers in duct tape then push the nail through and the washer won’t doesn’t slide off.

___ Canopy for tent (Keeps tent much cooler)___ Tarps
___ Water proofing spray___ Grommet repair kit
___ Ground cover tarp(s) ___Tie down rope (100' or more of nylon or cotton)
___ Portable holes___ Banners & poles
___ Lantern(s) (kerosene /propane /electric)___ Hurricane Lamps
___ Extra Lantern mantles /bulbs. ___ Lamp oil (Quart should fuel a lamp for a week)
___ Candle lantern & candles ___ Camp knife (Large survival type suggested)
___ Sledge hammer (5-10 lb mini-sledge)___ Fire axe
___ Lighter /matches___ Camp stove(s)
___ Lantern hooks___ Fire wood
___ Fire pit / brazier___ Hot water bottle
___ Sleeping Bag(s) (20 degree rated)___ Blankets /bedding
___ Pillows___ Foam/air mattress
___ Folding tables (kitchen work & general___ Folding Chairs
___ Disposable table coverings___ Water cooler(s)
___ Flashlights___ Portable radio (for weather & emergencies)
___ Spare bulbs___ Batteries (for lights & radio)
___ Duct tape (2-3 rolls)___ Sleeping futons, cots, pads, beds

___ Shepards hooks or other lantern hangers
___ FIRE EXTINGUISHER (1for each tent and kitchen)
___ Temporary tarp clamps with grommet holes (These clamps are usually found in hardware stores)
___ Tent heater (Avoid leaving large BTU heaters on while sleeping.!)
___ Camp Fuel (Plan on at least a gallon of fuel for every 3 days. 1 10oz. propane bottle per day for each lantern and heater.)

Camping Gear Tips

The propane 'trees' that mount on the large tanks are relatively inexpensive but are much cheaper in the long run for propane lanterns. I set the 5 gallon (20lb.) tank on a table or stand so the top of the tree sits above head height to provide good lighting.

'SECOND CHANCE' is the name of a brass adapter that I have that screws onto the tree with the large propane tank threads on the other end for connecting large grills and other stuff.

Keep stakes, tie down ropes, repair kits, etc. in a 5 gallon bucket with lid.

NOTE: drill a few holes in the side of the tub just below the lid to avoid condensation.


___ Spare tire, INFLATED!___ Jumper cables
___ Radiator water (3 gal. min)___ Power steering fluid
___ Spare oil___ Radiator tape / duct tape
___ 12v Air compressor (Damn near essential)___ Transmission fluid
___ Flashlight (Check batteries)___ Road flares or flasher

___ TOOLS! (Hammer, adjustable wrench, vise grips, screwdrivers, pliers, hose clamps, etc.)
___ Heavy duty portable power pack for jumping dead batteries. There is no need to depend on another vehicle being around and most come with built in air compressor


Pack as much as I can into stacking plastic tubs with lids that seal well. They keep your stuff clean, dry and pretty bug free even in the worst weather. Put your shoes on top at night.

___ Address book/EMERGENCY NUMBERS ___ Wallet and ID and credit/debit cards
___ Newsletter with event directions.(Stick in sun visor)
___ Map (In sun visor)___ Money (sounds dumb but I’ve forgotten)
___ Notepad___ Pen/pencil/Calligraphy set
___ Watch___ Alarm Clock
___ SCA membership & fighting waiver___ Camera
___ Cell phone AND the charger___ Film and batteries
___ Toilet paper___ Tissues
___ Hair Brush / Combs___ Tooth Brush
___ Tooth paste___ Shampoo/Conditioner
___ Bar/liquid soap___ Deodorant (fighter optional)
___ Shaving Cream___ Razor(s)
___ Hair Ties___ Wash cloths
___ Bath towels___ Insect repellant
___ Safety pins___ Spare eye glasses
___ Handy wipes / baby wipes (Large container) ___ Alcohol based “waterless” handcleaner
___ Feminine Hygiene supplies___ Co-habitation supplies
___ Contact lens solution___ Contact lens case
___ Sewing repair kit___ Sun glasses
___ Stapler (great for quick-fix on hems)___ Walking cane /staff
___ Carry basket___ Makeup
___ Large metal camp mirror (no glass)___ Umbrella(s)
___ Glass repair kit (mini-driver and screws)


___ Spare MODERN CLOTHES (2 sets min.) ___ Under garments (fighter optional)
___ Socks (heavy & light)___ VERY comfortable footwear
___ Work Boots (insulated & water proof)___ Cloak(s)
___ SCA boots___ Head coverings
___ Slip on foot wear (for the privy dash)___ Sweat pants / leggings
___ Belts___ Scarves
___ GARB (Court, field, warm & light styles)___ Rain ponchos
___ Favors / medallions___ Shower tunic or robe
___ Hats___ Belts

___ Cloth Laundry bags. (Old pillowcases work well.) Avoid plastic bags as they hold in dampness and mold.

With regards and safe travels,
Yehudah of Nuremberg,
Barony of SunDragon, Atenveldt

Posted with permission from Rivka bat Yehudah who answered my request with: "Absolutely! Please do! He made it for everyone to use as reference and to update whenever needed."

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