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Elena has been processing wool, dyeing, and spinning it for about 35 years. She found that she likes to spin pretty fine and usually knits and sometimes weave. On her 1st fleece she found all the things you DON'T do with fleece. She continued to buy fleece to process and dye it is less expensive than buying roving.

She teaches these classes because she enjoys doing it and wants people to be able to do it too. She gives the reasons why she does what she does, so if someone does want to experiment they'll understand the background of it.

How to Prepare Various Types of Raw Wool

I flick most wool before scouring it, vary my scouring technique a bit depending on the wool and have figured out a way to separate an obviously double coated fleece without combs. I'll explain and can show why I do what I do.

    Handout: How To Scour a Raw Fleece

Unnatural Dyeing: Dust Dyeing With Cushings Brand Acid Dye

I explain what I do and why I do it that way to get mottled, variegated roving or bats using synthetic dyes - this also goes into some color theory, how to get the colors you want or how to avoid mud.

    Handout: Dust Dyeing (with photos) -- Updated 15Feb21

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