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"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery"
— Mark Van Dorena

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My First Project: Coin Purse

Level: Very easy.

I developed this pattern to teach beginning knitting to a friend’s Girl Scout troop. It’s straightforward and flexible enough for them to decide “I”m done!“ without having to knit forever.

Feel free to use this as a handout for beginning knitting class. Use the pattern as is for a coin purse, or if they want to keep going, use more yarn and turn it into a sunglass case!

Some class suggestions:

  • Round chop sticks make good knitting needles. Find a bulk buy (I got mine on Ebay) so they’re nice and cheap. Sharpen them in a pencil sharpener. Dull the point a little with sandpaper and sand out any problems, bamboo splinters are NOT fun. Rub with waxed paper to smooth them even more.
  • Before class cast on and knit the first couple of rows for each kit. If the class is long enough, or you have quick students, you can go back and teach them cast on later
Free pattern available at:
PDF copy
Free Ravelry pattern

Altavia Sable Fret patch

Level: Medium difficulty, it uses size 1 needles and size 10 crochet cotton

Finished size is 2"x2". Uses 15-20 yards of size 1o crochet cotton and 73 size 8/0 seed beads.

Knit in Garter Stitch.

Free pattern available at:
PDF copy
Free Ravelry pattern

Slip Stitch Semi Plaid Pattern

This can be used for a border pattern or as an overall pattern.
    Click on photos for a larger view

Level: Easy - Know how to Cast On and Cast Off, and the Knit and Purl stitches.
    You will learn simple two color Stranded Stitches (Fair Isle) and Slip Stitches (Mosaic Knitting).
Free pattern available at:
PDF copy
Useful Links
Slip Stitch and Mosaic Knitting
Stranded Knitting

Knitting Tips:

  • My Tips for Knitting with Beads -- Webpage -- PDF


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My Beaded Swag Knit Bookmark Kit (for sale)

Beaded Swag Knit Bookmark
Knitting KIT

Learn how to include beads in your knitting with this lovely bookmark knitting kit!

It's easy to work, and adding the beads is simple once you get the hang of it. This same bead technique can be applied to scarves, bags, sleeves, and more!

The kit includes complete instructions, yarn, and pre-threaded beads to complete a paperback length bookmark.

Knitting needles not included
  • Skill Level: Advanced Beginner: requires the ability to knit consistently, and to knit with size 10 crochet cotton on size 0 or 1 needles.
    • Uses: size 0 or 1 needles
    • Gauge: 12 stitches = 1"
      (in size 10 crochet cotton)

Buy the Beaded Swag Knit Bookmark Kit
at Unicorn Fiber Arts

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