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Homemade Bobbins

Floss Bobbin

Floss Holder Bobbins

Great for handheld cards that have tight slots. They don't need to have any weight, since the slots provide the tension.

Penny Bobbins

Penny Bobbins

Great for handheld cards that have loose slots. They provide some weight and keep the thread under tension.

Made from the deep cut doll making bobbins (found at craft stores) and pennies. The best glue is either heavy-duty hot glue, or airplane glue. Other glues are too brittle or don't hold well enough to withstand the strain of the bobbins hitting each other.

Heavy Bobbin

Full Weight Bobbins

Great for Marudais. The weight can be modified to fit your current project.

Made from clothes pin doll pins and bases (found at craft stores), and washers and nuts (found at hardware stores).

Glue the base onto the pin. I use Aleen's Craft glue. Place the base upside down about 1/2 inch up from the bottom of the pin.

Buy a selection of washers and nuts (making sure they have a wide enough center hole). Weigh them when you get them home, and decide which ones you need to give you the desired weight(s) of bobbins -- remember to include the weight of the bobbin in the total weight.

I like to put a washer on top of the nuts, to give me a good base to wind the thread onto.

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