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— Mark Van Dorena

Kumihimo -- Table to Marudai

I found a side table at a yard sale that looked like a perfect marudai-to-be, at home I had a wooden dinner plate just the right size for the top.

However, I did learn that 3 legs on your marudai is a problem, at least if they sit near the edge of the top. Since kumihimo is based on 4 quadrants, one of the legs ends up being in the way when you're picking up the bobbins. In the future, all my homemade marudais will be 4 legged!

A Yard Sale Side Table
  • Side table bought at yard sale for $5
    • Wood (painted cherry) with round marble top
    • Height: 27.5 inches
    • Top Width: 12 1/2 inches (without Marble top)
Table Without Top
  • Table without the marble top
  • 13" Wooden charger plate to be used for the marudai top
    • Bought at Ikea for $9.99 +tax
Plate with center hole
  • Plate with 2" hole drilled in the center

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