Surface Decoration – Pickup and Brocading

Class Prep -- Warp your loom for the class

Class Info • Warping Info

Loom warping information for the Inkle weaving class I'm teaching at:

To participate in the class students need to bring their own INKLE LOOMS -- WARPED and ready to go.

Class info:

Inkle Weaving – Surface Decoration (Pickup and Brocading) Workshop taught by Lynnette de Sandoval del Valle de los Unicornios / Debbie Coyle

Tired of warped in inkle patterns? Learn how to add patterns to your work as you weave. This workshop will cover pickup work and brocading. Students should bring paper & pen, their own looms warped up and ready to go. See below for warping instructions. A few loaner looms MIGHT be available.

Length: 2 hours
Experience Level: Intermediate
Max. students: 10
Class fee: $5 for handouts
Student should bring: Students should bring their own looms warped up and ready to go.

Bring to class:

Warping info:

You will need 3 colors of yarn: Warping:

Contact me if you have questions!