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Online Cross Stitch Class Prep Info

Upcoming online Beginning Cross Stitch classes I'm teaching:

Past Classes:

Using supplies you probably have at home, you'll learn the basics of cross stitching.

Cross Stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery that is a fun and easy way to decorate favors, needle books, napkins, pin cushions, table cloths, and more, as well as creating large and small cross stitch pictures or samplers.

This is a beginner class and no experience at anything is necessary.

The class is 1 hour long.

To play along at home you'll need to assemble some items:

What You Need For Class:

Pattern   |   Thread   |   Needle   |   Fabric   |   Prepare the Fabric

More Cross Stitch Info

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What You Need For Class

If you want to work along with me in class you'll need a few things:

When you have the class materials, you'll also need to:


We'll be using this heart pattern from Craft Designs for You: Learn How to Cross-StitchCopyright 1999 by Cherie Marie Leck

  • Go to Craft Designs for You: Learn How to Cross-Stitch to get the pattern
  • Have the pattern available on your phone or computer (not the one you are Zooming on) during class
  • Or print a copy of the red and white pattern and/or the black and white pattern to use in class:
    • Use your computers Print Screen function
    • Or right click on the image and click on Copy Image
    • Then paste it into Word or another document program for printing


You'll need 2 colors of thread. 1 color for the heart, and 1 for the background and the shine on the heart. Usually you would use DMC or other name brand embroidery floss, do NOT use the cheaper packaged threads, there is a reason they cost less.

If you don't have embroidery floss you can use:


Usually you would use a blunt needle with an eye (hole) big enough for the thread to go through the holes in your fabric, but small enough not to enlarge those holes.

Cross Stitch Fabric

Cross stitch is usually done on Aida cloth (pictured right), a cloth woven with equidistant holes.

You'll need fabric that is at least 21 squares by 21 squares. That is the 13 x 13 size that the pattern covers, and 4 squares on each side for a border.

  • If you have Aida cloth you need:
    • 14 (or smaller number) count fabric. The number refers to how many holes there are per inch, so a SMALLER number means LESS HOLES PER INCH and the BIGGER the PATTERN will work out: This pattern is approx. 1 inch square on 14 count fabric, and approx. 2 inches square on 7 count fabric.
    • A size that will work well with the size thread/yarn you will be using

  • If you don't have Aida cloth: Fear not! You can use heavy card stock, thin cardboard from a cereal or snack box, or light to medium weight corrugated cardboard.
    • Cut out a piece that is big enough for 21 x 21 squares of your graph paper
    • Go to Printable Paper
    • Print out a graph paper that is 14 or less lines per inch, and will work well with the size thread/yarn you will be using
    • Tape that graph paper to your cardboard. Don't glue it down because the glue will make it hard to stitch through. Just tape it around the edges of the paper.
    • You'll stitch through the spot where the grid lines meet

Prepare the Fabric

In cross stitch you place your stitches by counting the number of spaces from one section to another.

Cross Stitch looks best when the bottom stitch of each "X" is stitched in the same direction.


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