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Counted Cross Stitch Info

Tips: Find the Center   |   Find the Stitch Direction
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Tip: Find the Center

    To make it easier to place your stitches, mark the vertical and horizontal center of your pattern and cross stitch fabric. Start and stop the running stitch lines beyond the area that will be covered by the finished pattern.

Draw a dark line on the center
vertical and horizontal lines of pattern
Using a contrasting color of sewing thread, sew a
running stitch through the rows of holes that will be the
vertical and horizontal center of your stitched pattern
    After the piece is completed, you can cut the vertical and horizontal running stitch lines and pull them out of the piece. If you've accidentally split any of the running stitches, carefully cut them out of the piece or pull them to the back where they won't show.

Tip: Find the Stitch Direction

    The direction of the top stitch of your cross stitches makes a difference in the look of your finished piece. For a consistent look, the bottom stitch of each X should all be the sewn in the same direction (bottom left to upper right or bottom right to upper left, your choice!)

    But as you move the fabric during the sewing, directions change, top becomes bottom, left becomes right.

    To keep track of which direction your bottom stitches should go, stitch the direction in one of the corners of the fabric (outside the design area).

    This way, no matter how you're holding your fabric, your direction is clear.

Cross Stitch Links

How To Cross Stitch

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My Cross Stitch Needlebook Kit (for sale)

Buy the Needlebook Kit
at Unicorn Fiber Arts

Cross Stitch Needlebook Kit

Carry your needles and pins in a convenient and handy needlebook. It includes a loop to keep it handy by hanging it from your chatelaine or other sewing accessory.

The soft fabric pages are perfect for holding needles of all sizes. For the organized ones among us, you can write the needle type / size info on each page.

Decorate the cover with your initials (chart included) or favorite design!

  • Skill Level: Intermediate Beginner, needs to know how to cross stitch and hand (or machine) sew a running stitch.
Kit includes everything you need to create the needlebook:
  • Cross stitch charts:
    • 2 alphabets, 3 borders, and embellishments
  • Fabric and tools:
    • Cross-stitch fabric for needlebook covers
    • Ribbon for needlebook ties
    • Flannel for needlebook pages
    • Embroidery thread and needle for cross stitch
    • Sewing thread and needle for needlebook assembly
    • Instructions for needlebook assembly

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