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Online Lucet Class Prep Info

The Braid Society
Multi-cord Lucet and Four Prong Lucet / Spool Knitter Workshop
Tuesdays May 10 - 24, 2022

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In this class we'll play with:

Making two color lucet cord, add picots and slits to the cord;
Then add a 3rd and 4th cord;
Finally, we'll take a detour into the world of four pronged lucets / knitting spools / knitting dolly

Class Description

Description: Lucets are totally portable and fun to use! Lucet made cord is an alternative to kumihimo, cord and crochet chains. The cord can be make from any yarn and can be used for award cord, drawstrings, trim, frogs, shoelaces, and any other cord uses.

Class will cover how to start, work, and finish a 2 color (double thread) lucet cord that allows for two color cords, button holes, and other fun stuff.

Skill Level: The classes are suitable for all students from Beginner to Advanced. No experience at anything is necessary. The class is perfect for a beginner, but will also include techniques that should interest intermediate and advanced lucet users.

Class Schedule

2 color lucet

Class 1, May 10th

We'll make two thread lucet cords. Making two color cord in a manner that allows us to add picots and center slits.

I find this method easier to work than the standard single cord lucet method.

(Click on photo for larger view)

4 color lucet

Class 2, May 17th

We'll add one and then two gimp cords down the outside center of the cord, a method that allows for adding beads and other decorations as you work the braid.

(Click on photo for larger view)

4 prong lucet

Class 3, May 24th

We'll work with double lucets / four pronged lucets / four nail spool knitters / dollies. Using 2 colors as well as one color. Making square cord, round hollow cord, and narrow flat fabric.

(Click on photo for larger view)

To play along at home you'll need a few items

Or you can buy a class kit

  • Complete Kit: $20.00 USD (Plus shipping cost)
        – Lucet
        – Spool Knitter w/ hook
        – 9 Bobbins w/ 5 yards of yarn each

  • Lucet, Bobbins & Yarn: $16.50 USD (Plus shipping cost)
        – Lucet
        – 9 Bobbins w/ 5 yards of yarn each

  • Spool Knitter & Bobbins, Yarn: $15.00 USD (Plus shipping cost)
        – Spool Knitter w/ hook
        – 9 Bobbins w/ 5 yards of yarn each

  • Bobbins & yarn only: $11.50 USD (Plus shipping cost)
        – 9 Bobbins w/ 5 yards of yarn each

Payment via PayPal, Venmo, or Check.
Shipped from the United States
To order a kit, email me at

Class Kit Class Kit Packed Class Kit Unpacked
(Click on photos for larger view)

The Kit Items are:

A 3D printed lucet

lucet size

Chose: White or Black

(Click on photo for larger view)

A Susan Bates Crystalites French Knitter w/ crochet hook

spool knitter spool knitter

Chose: Yellow, Orange, or Green

(Click on photos for larger view)


yarn colors

Chose: 2 main colors and 2 secondary colors from:
Lt. Pink, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Lavender, Black, Brown, Gray, White

(Click on photo for larger view)

9 bobbins pre-loaded with 4 different colors of size 3 crochet cotton, grouped and labelled by class number

bobbin closed
bobin open

(Click on photos for larger view)

More Lucet Info

Lucet History

The lucet is a historically accurate tool for making cord. The method I'll be teaching may or may not be historically accurate ..... while the lucets have survived the cord has not. More info on lucet history

Lucet Cordmaking Methods

The 2 thread (and related 3 and 4 thread) method of making lucet cord is my favorite method and I find it easier for beginners to work than than standard 1 thread method. More info on lucet cord methods

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