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Online Lucet Class Prep Info

Beginning Lucet Cordmaking with 2 threads

Using supplies you probably have at home, you'll learn the basics of cordmaking with a lucet.

Description: Lucets are totally portable and fun to use! Lucet made cord is an alternative to kumihimo, cord and crochet chains. The cord can be make from any yarn and can be used for award cord, drawstrings, trim, frogs, shoelaces, and any other cord uses.

Class will cover how to start, work, and finish a 2 color (double thread) lucet cord that allows for two color cords, button holes, and other fun stuff.

Skill Level: Beginner. No experience at anything is required. Everything will be covered in class.

To play along at home you'll need a few items:

That's it! We'll cover everything else in class! See you there!!

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Lucet History

The lucet is a historically accurate tool for making cord. The method I'll be teaching may or may not be historically accurate ..... while the lucets have survived the cord has not. More info on lucet history

Lucet Cordmaking Methods

The 2 thread (and related 3 and 4 thread) method of making lucet cord is my favorite method and I find it easier for beginners to work than than standard 1 thread method. More info on lucet cord methods

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