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Lucet Info

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Lucet History

Lucet Class Video

Video: Cord Making with a Lucet w/ Debbie Coyle (YouTube) — My beginning lucet class on how to make a 1 thread, a 2 thread (@44 minutes), and a 3 or 4 thread cord (@55 minutes) on the lucet.

Students should have: A lucet or two pronged fork, and Rat tail cord or size 3 or 5 crochet cotton. How to prep for the online class

Lucet Cordmaking Methods

One thread method
A Two thread method -- A method that makes two color cord, cord with a slit down the middle, cord with picots.

A Three (or four) thread method -- Adds a third (and forth) cord to the two cord method. This allows you to add accents down the center of the cord ... including beads and other fun stuff!

Double Lucets

People have asked about how to use the double lucet and I promised to get more info. I found two videos that show the two methods I know about:

Lucet Links

Unicorn Fiber Arts Shop

Duryn The Red's (John Fisher) Handmade Wooden Lucets (for sale)

Buy the Handmade Wooden Lucets
at Unicorn Fiber Arts

Handmade Wooden Lucet

Each lucet is individually handmade by a skilled woodworker.

No two lucets will be exactly alike. Because they are made from a natural source, there will be variations wood grain patterns and colors.

The Lucets come in 3 sizes ... all measurements are approximate

  • Large: Approx size: 7.5" tall and 2.5" wide. Handle 1" or less wide
  • Large & Wide: Approx size:The same but the handle is over 1" wide
  • Medium: Approx size: 7" tall and 2.25" wide, Handle .75" wide

Beginners Lucet Cordmaking Kit (for sale)

Buy the Beginners Lucet Cordmaking Kits
at Unicorn Fiber Arts

Beginners Lucet Cordmaking Kits

Kit Skill Level: Beginner

The kit includes:

  • All you need get started cordmkaing with you lucet.
  • Complete instructions
  • Lucet (3D printed approximately 4.5" tall, by 2" wide at the top, and 1.5" at the hips.)
  • Bobbin (plastic snap shut bobbin)
  • Thread wrapped on bobbin
  • Plastic needle (or pick) for lifting the thread off the lucet
    • The lucet kit comes ready to use: The bobbin is wound, the instructions contains a lot of photos and you have everything you need to get going!

      The instructions include everything you need to know to start, work and finish your lucet cord.

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