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Kumihmo (Japanese Braiding) Info

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Kumihimo Info

Kumihimo Patterns

Make Your Own Kumihimo Equipment

Homemade Tama (bobbins)

Homemade Marudai (braiding stand)

Book Recommendations for Kumihimo

My Amazon bookshop of my favorite kumihimo books. Some of which are:

Kumihimo Links

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Online Resources

My Kumihimo Kits (for sale)

Kumihimo Kits: Flat, Round, & Square Kits

Each kit includes all you need, and is ready for you to start creating a kumihimo braid:

  • Complete instructions
  • Braiding disk (foam)
  • Bobbins (plastic snap shut bobbins)
  • Counterweight
  • Thread pre-strung on bobbins & disk

Skill Levels: Beginner
Square: This is a very simple braiding pattern.
Round: This is a simple braiding pattern, a little more complex than the square pattern. It's my favorite of the three patterns.
Flat: This is more complex than the round pattern, it takes a little more work to wrap your brain around, but it's fun and not difficult. It's my second favorite of the three patterns.

Buy the Flat, Round. or Square kits at: Unicorn Fiber Arts

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